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Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens Empty Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens

Mensagem por Ero F. Rodrigo em Qua Jan 12, 2011 1:59 pm

Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens

Amigos Eros, poste aqui apenas Spoiles, Predictions, Imagens, Links para o mangá, etc... Temos outro Tópico para discussões, assim como em outros fóruns vamos manter esse aqui organizado!
Lembre-se de citar a fonte (nome do site ou nome do japa de que você copiou)
Deixe o nome do capítulo e os créditos em negrito, o texto coloque dentro da tag spoiler, para ficar mais compacto o negócio...

Igualmente ao tópico de discussão, o tópico vai ficar bloqueado até o lançamento do capitulo, desta forma iniciamos com louvores as novas garimpadas em busca de spoiler's novos... Depois disso a gente destroe td na busca d material..

Divirta-se e vamos nos divertir!

Seu querido, bonito, gente boa, estimado e muito modesto, Ero Diretor Rodrigo

Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens 102bl

Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens Bosssign
Ero F. Rodrigo
Ero F. Rodrigo
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Fundador M4ALL

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Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens Empty Re: Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens

Mensagem por Ero Mats Kyuubi em Qui Jan 13, 2011 9:56 am

- Capítulo Disponibilizado = Tópico Liberado -

O capítulo está disponível no blog M4ALLSCANS
Status: Prediction
Idioma: Inglês

Por: The Special One
Naruto 524 - Kakashi’s Life at Risk!:
(With his arm stuck through Haku, Kakashi faces certain doom. As Zabuza aims to complete his attack, a close up inspection reveals Kakashi’s Mangekyou. Before Zabuza’s blade slashes through both Haku and Kakashi, sword and all, Zabuza is whisked away into another dimension. The scene switches over to Kabuto, as he displays signs of disbelief as his eyes are focused on the playing board below him.)

Kabuto: “That damn Kakashi! (Kabuto then sarcastically smiles) It appears that war hound still has some tricks up his sleeves…”

(The scene switches over to Kakashi as he withdraws Mangekyou.)

Kakashi (in thought): “I was saving that for when there was no other option. Now, I must be extremely cautious knowing that I was forced to play that card so early.”

(The scene switches over to Ensui and Santa)

Santa: “Strange, I can’t feel Zabuza’s presence anymore.”

Ensui: “Dammit! Does that mean we’ve been compromised?”

Santa: “I’m not quite sure, Zabuza’s chakra source is like, not existent at all. But something else is in his place! Keep the strategy going, at least we’ll get something!”

(The scene switches back over to Kakashi, who still has his hand through Haku. As the fog begins to fade, Kakashi can see Maki in back, as the scenario switches over to his perspective.)

Maki (in thought): “That’s not-.” (Kakashi raises the signal to continue, as Kage Mane fully restricts Haku and Kakashi is set free. Not a second to waste, Maki comes behind and prepares his technique to restrain Haku, completely, however, from behind Maki comes several flying, sharp spikes, which pierces Maki in the back of the neck. Maki falls down, dead. In the back, Fugaki turns away and heads toward another location.)

Kakashi: “SHIT!” (The scene switches over to Kabuto’s location.)

Kabuto: “Kakashi’s quite the dangerous one. It would be wise to not lose anymore of my valuables like that… Taking a hit like that is painful. Kakashi must be taken out quickly but cautiously.”

(The scene switches over to Kakashi’s location. The fog fades completely as everyone can now see the battlefield.)

Kakashi (in thought): “Something’s going on here, something troublesome. To my knowledge, the only mist shinobi honed enough to detect enemies by sound alone is Zabuza. Even though Haku is special in his own right, he simply doesn’t have the senses, same with the guy who took out Maki. Have to regroup and reform our battle plan if we’re to survive this and prove my hypothesis about what’s going on here.”

(Kakashi pulls out a string of metal wire and strings up Haku and throws him on his back, Ensui then cancels Kage Mane. Kakashi then turns around and rushes back only for the ground beneath him to break apart, causing Kakashi to toss Haku to the ground during a backward flip motion to avoid being torn apart by the geyser erupting from the earth. The water settles and reveals itself to be Mangetsu.)

Kakashi: “The mist’s kid-prodigy standing before me… Heh, I just can’t catch a break.” (Mangetsu splits up into many clones. They surround Kakashi as he gathers himself. A clone rushes from the back and attacks Kakashi, Kakashi avoids the kick by turning around and ducking and cart wheeling out of the way. Two more approaches, one from behind and other from in front of Kakashi. Kakashi ducks a hook from in front, turns his head quickly and avoids being grabbed by twisting his body to the right and rolling out of the way. Kakashi then lands on his feet and stands up.

From Kakashi’s view, he sees hundreds of steps ahead. Many, many multi-layered predicted projections of his enemies’ movements. Once the view breaks from Kakashi’s, he is seen engrossed in the midst of Mangetsu’s onslaught. Kakashi is seen quickly bobbing and weaving his head to avoid crosses and jabs, ducking to avoid hooks, side stepping to avoid enemies charging at him (which allows him to dodge the splashing effects of Mangetsu’s water clones), and back flipping to distance himself from crowds. Kakashi then pauses to take a breath as the enemies let up and back away.)

Kakashi: “I’ll die if this keeps up. I can’t keep overusing the sharingan like this.” (Mangetsu withdraws his bodies to him and becomes one again. Before Kakashi can react, Kakashi is instantly socked right in his jaw by the enlarged fist of Mangetsu, which sends Kakashi crashing into the ground.)

Kakashi: “GHARAAH!” (Mangetsu walks over to the disgruntled Kakashi, lifts him up by the neck with ease and begin to choke the life out of him using his enlarged arm’s strength.

Mangetsu: “HAAA, HA, HA!”

Kakashi (in thought): “Ahh, that’s right. He split his body up into many sections. It divided his power up… But when he joined them together again, his true speed and strength is made present. Chri-, it was all a ploy to make me tire myself out to the point that I couldn’t match his original stats. Only if I hadn’t used that jutsu.”

(Kakashi’s eyes rolls back into his head, and Kakashi hands drop from Mangetsu’s arm. It looks dire for Kakashi, however, Kakashi’s hands spring to life, and in a one quick event, he makes handseals and forms Raikiri, sending a strong electrical current through Mangetsu, disrupting his body, as he’s water and the electricity circulates through his body which dispels his grip on Kakashi’s neck. Kakashi hits the ground. Mangetsu is in a state of distortion, trying to re-gather himself. The scene switches over to Kabuto’s location.)

Kabuto: “DIE KAKASHI!” (The scene switches over to Kakashi’ location, Ringo prepares to bare his twin lightning blades into the collapsed Kakashi, however, Omoi slips into the fray and uses lightning channeled blade to parry Ringo’s. Then, out of no where-.)

Gai: “KONOHA SENPUU!” (Gai uses a spinning roundhouse kick to send Ringo flying into mid-air as Kakashi stumbles to his feet.)

Kakashi: “Guys?”

Omoi: “Sorry we’re late, we had our own battles to take care of. But you’re still amazing, staying in there all by yourself! I can look up to you even if you are from Konoha.”

Gai: “I won’t let you die! If you die, who’s robust display of youth will match mine?”

Kakashi: “What about that Haku kid, did someone manage to bring him in?”

Omoi: “All taken cared of!”

Gai: “Commander Kakashi, I await your next order!”

Kakashi: “Fine… I can’t fight anymore, but you two, get me over to Ensui and Santa’s location. We need to prepare a new plan… Apparently, somehow, our enemies on this battlefield are being directly controlled!”
Ero Mats Kyuubi
Ero Mats Kyuubi
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Profissional M4all

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Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens Empty Re: Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens

Mensagem por Ero-Evil Ryu em Seg Jan 17, 2011 2:13 pm

Naruto 524 – O plano de Kakashi
Status: Prediction
Autor: Ero-Evil Ryu - Fórum M4All

NOTA: Quando copiar este conteúdo para seu site/fórum, lembre-se de dar os créditos para quem realmente fez a prediction, isso se chama ética, e o M4All agradece


Zabuza gira para parti Kakashi e Haku ao meio, mas Kakashi desvia.

Kakashi: agora Eusui, dessa distancia você consegue capturá-lo.

Zabuza é capturado pelo Kage mane no jutso.

Kakashi explica o porquê da estratégia.

Kakashi: O kage mane no jutso tem uma limitação de distancia e com a sombra do meu corpo eu pude aumentar o alcance e a precisão. Guy e Lee dêem cobertura pro Eusui.

Eusui começa um ataque usando o Zabuza contra os outros espadachins.

Cena muda pro Kabuto

#Kabuto: Maldito, Kakashi, mas não importa mesmo, nosso plano está saído como o esperado.

Cena volta pra batalha

Eusui consegue prender Kuriarare, Ringo, Munashi e Jinin.

Eusui: Kakashi, estou esgotado, o Kage mane no jutso gasta muito chakra, não consigo manter mais que os cincos presos.

Kakashi: Maki imobilizes os cincos espadachins, Yamanaka Santa, entre na mente deles e descubra a localização de quem está os controlando, Guy cuida do Tubarão, darei jeito nesse aqui.

Guy: Ok

Hohzuki Mangetsu usa um selo e as espadas se fundem. Kakashi tenta atacá-lo com o Chidori, mas ele é muito ágil e rápido. Guy acerta Suikazan com um Konoha senpuu, mas ele contra-ataca atirando espinhos. Guy é atingido pelos espinhos que são venenosos e fica desacordado.

Lee (grito): Guy-sensei!!!!

Lee se enfurece e começa a liberar os portões até o 6° e ele ataca Suikazan com Katon Khosan incinerando o adversário.

Sakurete tenta cura Guy.

#Sakurete: Não foi por causa desses espinhos que ele ficou nesse estado.

Ela faz uma checagem e percebe que os músculos estão atrofiados e Guy está meio cego. Sakurete tem um flash do teste chunnin da luta entre Gaara VS Lee.

# Sakurete: Ele deve ter usado aquela jutso que o Lee usou no teste chunnin.

Suikazan se recompõem do ataque, Lee se vê em uma situação difícil, então ele abre o 7° portão.

Kakashi: PQP, com esse futuncio, Lee, nem vou precisar lutar, os espadachins vão querer voltar pro outro mundo. Esse cheiro mata qualquer coisa. O Guy me falou uma vez que esse era o pior portão, pensei que ele tava falando que era o mais forte

Sakurete: que cheiro é esse? Esses zumbis estão apodrecendo?!

Kakashi: Usa katon no jutso

Hohzuki Mangetsu: Suiton, barreira de água.

Hohzuki Mangetsu ataca Kakashi com Kenjutso, estilo Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu, Kakashi prever os movimentos e apenas desvia.

A cena volta pra luta Lee VS Suikazan.

Lee tem um flash de treinos

#Lee: Não fiquei todo esse tempo parado, vou acabar com esse cara.

Lee usa o Hirutora, esmagando Suikazan com uma rajada de vento, mas Suikazan tinha desviado. Suikazan ataca-o pelas costa com um jutso que imobiliza e suga chakra.

O que fará Lee?

525 - O justo supremo da Besta verde de Konoha

#: Em pensamento ou fora da realidade
Ero-Evil Ryu
Ero-Evil Ryu
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High Quality M4all

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Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens Empty Re: Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens

Mensagem por Ero Tuga em Qua Jan 19, 2011 10:35 am

Fonte: 2ch, Mh
Creditos: ohana, saladesu
Verificação: Confirmado

Haku dies
Zabuza dies
Kakashi snaps at the Edo Tensei (TN: the word used is ambiguous and could mean a lot of things, so this could be entirely wrong. Without context I can't be sure of anything)
From here it's Sai using Root's sealing jutsus to fight. (so it seems)

Below the Kizuchi group, Neji group, thousands of white zetsus pass by

Invisible person (?) vs Gaara
Ero Tuga
Ero Tuga
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Profissional M4all

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Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens Empty Re: Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens

Mensagem por Ero Salamander em Qua Jan 19, 2011 1:15 pm


Kakashi used substitution no jutsu to avoid sliced by zabuza

Kakashi reveals new Mangekyo Sharingan.

Itachi and Nagato confronts Madara.

Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens Tagsalas_zpsa5101e6b
Vlw GeGemagazine pela sign foda :'D

Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens EroSalamanderSign
Vlw filetes pela sign fodástica :'D

Abra o Spoiler O.O:

Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens Jackandbrookbyinoniafil
É nós que não dorme Filetes e Krull
Ero Salamander
Ero Salamander
Ero Sub Boss Bleach
Ero Sub Boss Bleach

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Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens Empty Re: Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens

Mensagem por Ero Tuga em Qua Jan 19, 2011 4:19 pm

Fonte: NF
Verificação: Confirmado
Creditos: Majin Lu

Nota: Tradução google Japonês -> Inglês

Ninja Blade lost your mind! !
Shall protect 524

Zabuza, Haku to cut by Kakashi
Kakashi (Mori Katsu kill me by this kid) I remember Kakashi wave action in countries where Haku
Maki Captain Kakashi! !
Zabuza, Haku kill each Kakashi
One enemy is stuck switch engine shadow! Second one is too short a contact time of impact? Movement is unstoppable!
Contact hours ... mountains of Santa! What I said heaven is cut Kakashi Zabuza Captain! ? You can not!

I remember way back conversation childhood Naruto Kakashi and Naruto Bridge
If you're doing and do Naruto A Rank Mission!
Kakashi hopeless! Zabuza and Haku ... It was safe but everyone is incredibly strong enough against that ninja
For example Naruto ~~~~~
Kakashi will become stronger because I remember training for the I A Rank Mission has more surgery
But it also did ーー Naruto Ne ... the only full Mitsu protect mon!
Haq's brother told me that people Naruto ... I'm sure when I will protect Tsuyokuna something important?
Kakashi ... I see ... I think so too, then?
Yeah Naruto! Haku and Zabuza from looking dude ... I thought so
Kakashi (grin)
You know that there are ー Naruto ... So what do you think I'll do Colle Kakashi sensei?
What is Kakashi?

Haku fallen this impure world (began to crumble)
The first is the enemy of the good guys of Naruto Kakashi
India readies Kakashi Lightning signed off ready Zabuza
Remember to # keep the art of preparing cloth tied behind me until Kakashi tells Maki!
Hi Maki!
Kakashi, Zabuza on the bridge recall a line
Zabuza Kakashi ... you hesitated to cut down the time that Huxley's mind ... And you could not hide the shaking death of Haq said ...
Zabuza, Kakashi come unto Kakashi, blood flowing out of my stomach
Kakashi is now different! No longer a tool just really emotional! Fight like this without trying to!

You know that there are ー child ... What do you think Naruto Colle So I Will Kakashi sensei?
What is Kakashi?
Yeah, those guys were on ... but the enemy is something something ... I liked those guys
I wonder if this strange Naruto?
Kakashi smiled giggle
Kakashi (No ... I'm too)

Kakashi, Zabuza pierce the heart
Sui en Kakashi! Tie E! !
Switch signal is encoded! ! Yes! Ha
Zabuza began to crumble
Kakashi (and tears for the death of various guys ... it was about each other's bonds.)
Observe a variety of gates as well as my ninja Kakashi

Kabuto, watching Othello board! ... **** ...

These guys last enemy of death is one of them to various of these guys that Haku and Zabuza from Kakashi default null ... It was me ... What do you think?
I shed tears of blood dripping blood on the sword of Zabuza Haku
Haq broken mirrors
Maki do Kakashi
Ninja A! .. This is
Ninja B will clear the fog ... Alright! This can be visually observed the enemy!
Maki, spinning technique and sealed with cloth Zabuza and Haku? A
Maki summon as long as this tag is not! These two bodies should be left to watch me!
This technique can not forgive this impure world incarnated Kakashi! The following technique uses the seal of the root site of you! Follow me! (Zabuza's sword, I have the Scarecrow)
In my site, but still ... that jutsu ...
You were bought Danzō Kakashi certainly would! ? No longer need to conceal one's feelings! ! If you ... but it too time-consuming to 熱Kunaru ...
This copy ninja Kakashi copied the art of thousands of low boiling point a long time! As the name of this street rage!

Screw binding arms behind back to Zetsu
Too many threads! (These guys suck ... you ... chakras) Kenpo soft body blow! ! !
Bukkake Flying Zetsu
Well I'm lucky that I'm going from one minute to the next!
Screw 泣Kigoto good move!
Sino persistent strong unity together? This is a war of attrition
Yellow Ninja Tutsi C Captain! Contact the Division? So I went through a few thousand feet of our bodies!
Tutsi father black?
Yellow annoying blister! ! Take understand!

A man wrapped in bandages wrapped Akira Tooru (Sat 影無 second generation (Mu)) or contact type sensing of sand ... ... you're sure you caught the existence of a second generation non Tsuchikage
Gaara is coming ...

Stage of the battle down to the regimental commander Gaara! !
★ The End End

Gaara and saw the veteran surprise the next issue! ?

Tradução mais simples e melhor:
Ninja blade that lost its heart.
524 Something to protect.

Zabuza tries to cut Kakashi through Haku. Kakashi thinks, 'He's gonna cut me through the boy?' and recalls what Haku did back then in the country of Waves.
Maki: Kakashi-taichou!
Ensui Contact with one enemy's shadow! And time of contact with the second is too short, I can't stop that enemy from moving!
Santa: You want to say Zabuza attacked Kakashi-taichou?! Impossible!

Kakashi remembers a conversation that he had with the little Naruto on the way back from the Naruto bridge. Naruto wants another A rank mission, Kakashi refuses until Naruto gets stronger. Naruto says that Haku said one gets trully strong when protecting something dear, Naruto agrees with this statement, then asks Kakashi what he thinks about (what about is revealed later).

The present Edo Tensei-ed Haku falls and starts to crumble away. Kakashi says, he's glad they were Naruto's first opponents. Zabuza's ready to attack him. Kakashi makes seals for Raikiri and orders Maki to get ready and wait for his signal. Then Kakashi says, recalling the past again, 'That time you hesitated to cut through Haku and wasn't able to hide how his death affected you...' Zabuza draws closer, Kakashi (he's injured in the stomach) continues, 'But now's different. You're just a tool robbed of your feelings! So I'm gonna end this fight here and now!'

The flashback continues. Naruto asks if it's wierd that he liked Zabuza and Haku despite them being the enemies. Kakashi chuckles and thinks that he did too.

Kakashi pierces Zabuza's heart with his Raikiri. Then shouts for Ensui to bind the shadows. Zabuza starts crumbling down. Kakashi's thought, 'Your tears and the way you died... it was the bond you shared.' Then speaks outloud, 'I have a lot of things to protect as a shinobi'.

Kabuto curses over his board, 'Damn!'

Kakashi continues, 'Zabuza and Haku's death is one of those things too... Because I was the one to kill them. Naruto, you would think so too, wouldn't you?'
Zabuza's blood drips onto the sword, and Haku cries bloody tears. Haku's mirrors break away. Kakashi gives Maki the signal. The mist clears away. Maki wraps Zabuza and Haku in his cloth, makes seals and says that now the two can't be summmoned and he will guard them. Kakashi now has Zabuza's sword in hand and says that Edo Tensei is an unforgivable jutsu, then orders Sai to use the Root sealing jutsu so the momentum is not lost. Sai stammers that he can't yet use that jutsu. Kakashi then reassures him, 'Danzou thought highly of you! No need to restrain your feelings anymore! Well, it takes me long too to get psyched up enough, though...' And so, Kakashi who reaches his boiling point quickly this time around, lives up to his name of Copy Ninja Kakashi who copied a thousand jutsus...

Sorry, not the whole thing, because I so don't feel like typing anymore, and in a summary-like style... but you get the gist, ne?

Gaara is fighting Nidaime Tsuchikage, by the way.
An invisible man in bandages (Nidaime Tsuchikage Muu): Sand? So he's the contact type then? Impressive that you were able to detect my (Nidaime Tsuchikage Muu's) presence...
Gaara: Enemy showed up, I see.
* Muu means 'nothingness'
Ero Tuga
Ero Tuga
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Profissional M4all

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Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens Empty Re: Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens

Mensagem por oCTEL em Qua Jan 19, 2011 7:58 pm

Verificação: Confirmado
Fonte: topmangaspoilers
Créditos: Majin Lu / benelori
Tradução: Master of Pigs

Naruto 524: Algo para proteger.

Zabuza tenta cortar Kakashi pelo Haku. Kakashi pensa: 'Ele vai me cortar com o garoto?' e lembra de Haku naquela época no país das ondas.

Maki: Kakashi-taichou!
Ensui: Toque a sombra do inimigo! O tempo de contacto com o segundo é muito curto, eu não posso parar o inimigo de ficar se movendo!
Santa: Você quer dizer que Zabuza atacou Kakashi-taichou? Impossível!

Kakashi se lembra de uma conversa que teve com o Naruto pouco no caminho de volta a partir da ponte Naruto. Naruto quer outra missão rank A, Kakashi se recusa até Naruto ficar mais forte. Naruto diz que Haku disse que se você se torna verdadeiramente forte quando se protege algo querido, Naruto concorda com essa afirmação, Kakashi então pede que ele pensa sobre (o que acontece é revelada mais tarde).

O presente Edo Tenseiado Haku começa a desmoronar. Kakashi diz que ele está feliz por eles serem os primeiros adversários de Naruto. Zabuza pronto para atacá-lo. Kakashi faz selos para o Raikiri e Maki dá as ordens para se preparar e esperar o seu sinal. Então Kakashi diz, recordando o passado novamente, "Esse tempo você hesitou em cortar Haku e não foi capaz de esconder como sua morte afetou ... " Zabuza se aproxima, Kakashi (ele está ferido no estômago), continua, "Mas agora é diferente. Você é apenas um instrumento roubado de seus sentimentos! Então, eu vou acabar com essa luta aqui e agora! "

O flashback continua. Naruto pergunta se é estranho como ele gostava de Zabuza e Haku apesar de serem os inimigos. Kakashi dá uma risadinha e pensa que ele também.

Kakashi atravessa o coração de Zabuza com seu Raikiri. Em seguida passa uma mensagem para Ensui de vincular as sombras. Zabuza começa a desmoronar. Pensamento de Kakashi, "Suas lágrimas e a maneira que você morreu ... era o vínculo que você compartilhou. Em seguida, fala bem alto: 'Eu tenho um monte de coisas para proteger como um shinobi.

Kabuto com seu tabuleiro se aborresse: 'Malditos!'

Kakashi continua, "a morte de Zabuza e Haku é uma daquelas coisas também ... Porque eu era o único a matá-los. Naruto, você poderia pensar assim também, não é? "
Zabuza pinga de sangue para a espada, e Haku chora lágrimas de sangue. Os espelhos de Haku se quebram a seguir. Kakashi dá o sinal de Maki. A névoa se dissipa. Maki prende Zabuza e Haku em sua tela, faz os selos e diz que agora os dois não podem ser invocados e ele irá protegê-los. Kakashi agora tem a espada de Zabuza na mão e diz que o Edo Tensei é um jutsu imperdoável, então as ordens de Sai de usar o jutsu Raiz de vedação para que o momento não é perdido. Sai gagueja, ele ainda não pode usar esse jutsu. Kakashi então tranquiliza-lo ", Danzou pensei muito em você! Não há necessidade de conter seus sentimentos mais! Bem, ela me leva muito tempo para chegar empolgado o suficiente, porém ... " E assim, Kakashi, que chega ao seu ponto de ebulição mais rapidamente desta vez, faz jus ao seu nome de Copy-Ninja Kakashi que copiou mil jutsus ...

Gaara está lutando com Nidaime Tsuchikage, pelo caminho.
Um homem invisível em bandagens (Nidaime Tsuchikage: Muu: Areia? Então ele é do tipo contato, então? Impressionante que você fosse capaz de perceber minha presença
Gaara: Apareceu o inimigo, eu o vejo.
Aprendiz M4all
Aprendiz M4all

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Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens Empty Re: Naruto 524 Spoilers, Predictions e Imagens

Mensagem por Ero Tuga em Qui Jan 20, 2011 11:11 am

Créditos: NF
Verificação: Confirmada

The sword of a shinobi that lost its heart!!
524 things you have to defend.

Zabuza tries to kill Kakashi together with Haku
Kakashi: (are you trying to chop this kid along with me?)
here, Kakashi recalls Haku's actions in the wave country.
Maki: captain Kakashi!!
Zabuza chops Kakashi together with Haku
Ensui: one of the enemies got their shadow stuck (to kakashis) ! as for the other one, the contact time of the shadows was too short! He can't be stopped from moving!
Santa Yamanaka: the contact time…? You mean the moment when zabza chopped captain kakashi!? Impossible isn't it!

Kakashi recalls his convo with little Naruto on their way home from the great Naruto Bridge

Little Naruto: I'll make another A rank mission, dattebayo!
Kakashi: no n no! Zabuza and Haku …against such strong shinobi it's rather hard to believe that we all are still here safely.
Little Naruto: eeeeeeer
Kakashi: well… first you get strong learning more jutus and going through more trainings …and then get A rank missions.
Little Naruto: uh…true that but also…I gotta find a lot of things I want to protect!
Kakash: huh?
Little Naruto: that Haku bro said…A human can be really strong when they want to defend something dear to them!
Kakashi: …I see…and do you think so too? 
Little Naruto: yep…! I do…. after I saw the haku bro and zabza
Kakashi gives a bright smile.
Little Naruto: here here…Kakashi-sensei ttebayo,
Now what do you think of this?
Kakashi: think of what?

Edo-Haku is lying down. (starts collapsing)
Kakashi: I was glad that you 2 were naruto's first enemy…
Zabuza's arms against Kakashi. Kakashi makes the seals to prepare raikiri
Kakashi: Maki, be at my back and prepare for your cloth binding till you see my cue!
Maki: yes sir!
Kakashi recalls the battle with Zabuza on the bridge

Kakashi: Zabuza…you hesitated to kill Haku then…and you couldn't hide away your shock from Haku's death …… 
Zabuza closes in on Kakashi. Kakashi has a cut on the belly tommy which is bleeding .
Kakashi: but not anymore! You're a so called 'emotionless tool'. No more! Lets annul such a fight!

Little Naruto: here here…Kakashi-sensei tebbayo, now what you think of this?
Kakashi: of what?
Little Naruto: uh. although they were enemies …somewhat somehow…I liked them
Kakashi: …!
Little Naruto: is it weird?
Kakashi with a smile: he heh…
Kakashi: (nah….cos so did I)

Kakashi pierces Zabuza's heart.
Kakashi: Ensui! Tie him down!!
Ensui: the cue!! ok! Hah!
Zabuza starts to collapse
Kakashi: the way you 2 died and your tears were…. the very epitome of the kizuna (bond) between you 2…)
Kakashi: me too have many gates to guard/premises to defend/ things to protect as a shinobi

Kabuto looking at the Othello board: …! …****…

84 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2011/01/20(木) 00:04:40 ID:+Fc8dFGqP

Kakashi: Zabuza and Haku, the way they died is one of them as their last enemy was me…Naruto… what would you think of this?
Zabuza's sword drips blood. Haku is shedding tears of blood.
Haku's mirror breaks.
Kakashi: Maki, do it
ShinobiA:! Th…this is
Shinobi B: the fog is clearing up…Good! Now we can see the enemy with our eyes!
Maki trusses up Zabuza and Haku with cloth and do a fuin? Jutsu.
Maki: as far as this seal is there, kichiyose won't work! I'll keep these 2 bodies under my surveillance!
Kakashi: edotensei…the jutsu can't be forgiven…! Sai, next we use your sealing tech of the Root! Follow me!(kakashi has zabza's sword in his hand)
Sai: but…im yet to (use) that jutsu…
Kakashi: certainly Munrá thought highly of you, perhaps!? No need to restrain your feelings anymore!! Well…me too is rather slow to heat up tho... this time the boiling point was low, which I haven't had for a long time.

The Copy ninja Kakashi who has copied a thousand jutsus…! From here he is going to wreak havoc as the name he goes by!

White zetsus get a full nelson on Naji
Neji: they are too many!(these bastards…suck up chakra, do they…) jyu-kenpo(pliant martial art), ichigekishin(one stroke body?)!!!
white zetsus are blown off.
Kiba: one after another… there will be no ****ing end!!
Neji: no whine, move!
Shino: each body(of zetsu) is tough and persistent! at this rate it's gonna be a war of attrition

Shinobi C: captain Kitsuchi! A message from the head quarter! Thousands bodies have passed through our feet.
Kuro-tsuchi: my Old man!
Ki-tsuchi: shut up!! I know it!

the transparent/invisible man wrapped in bandages (the second tsuchikage, Muu(nothing/naught)): suna's sensor… a contact type isnt it….well done in catching the second tuchi kage, Muu being here.

Gaara: here they come/it comes….

the scene of war shifts to where the supreme commander Gaara is!!
end★that's all for the chap

On the next issue, who is the astonishing dreadnaught gaara saw…!?

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